Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I've basically stolen this idea from IT crowd but seeing as they aren't going to actually develop a website for it I thought I would put a brief description of basic football knowledge.

First step's to sounding like you know about football when you actually don't:

  • Always say everything like you are so sure about it!
  • Always say everything in a angry way!
  • Always act so offended when someone disagrees with you!
Ill start with the main teams, the "big four". Who are Manchester United. Liverpool. Chelsea. Arsenal. Most fans will support one of these teams so if you know basic stuff about these lot you'll be sure to seem like you know about football! :)

Arsenal comments:

  1. They always try and walk the ball in.
  2. Arsene Wenger (the manager) buys players too young.
  3. No experience.
  4. Not won a trophy is ages.
  5. Buys too many French players.
  6. Not enough English players.
  7. Never should of sold Thierry Henry.
  8. Too soft.

Manchester united comments:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is a pretty boy.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo is a diver.
  3. Too defensive.
  4. Rely too much on Cristiano Ronaldo.
  5. When Alex Ferguson (the manager) leaves they will have nothing.
  6. Wayne Rooney doesnt perfom in the big games.
  7. Ronaldo doesnt perform in the big games.
  8. Basically slag off Cristiano Ronaldo, that's what most fans do when they talk about manchester united. :)

Liverpool comments:

  1. Too defensive.
  2. Too defensive.
  3. Too defensive.
  4. Boring football.
  5. Haven't won the Premier league.
  6. Will not win the premier league under Rafael Benitez (the manager).
  7. Too many Spanish players.
  8. Rely too much of Steven Gerrard.
  9. Too slow.

Chelsea comments:

  1. They bought their trophies.
  2. Rely too much on Frank Lampard.
  3. Frank Lampard is fat.
  4. Too defensive.
  5. Never should of sacked Jose Mourihno (Former Manager).
  6. Too old.
  7. Too slow.
  8. Players only there for the money.
  9. Should be renamed Chelski (They are owned by a Russian Billionaire)

Ok that's pretty much it. Just keep a few of those up your sleeve. And when the subject turns to football throw a few of those out there. And remember to sound angry when you say it! :)